WandaVision’s Kathryn Hahn Teases “A Lot of Layers” in Future Episodes

Despite already a third of the way over, WandaVision has spent the past two weeks laying down more questions than answers, weaving a tight web of mysteries for fans to try solving before the show has a chance to. The Disney+ show is a massive deviation from anything the House of Ideas has done before, and it’s only going to get more “bonkers,” as some of the show’s cast has previously teased. In fact, some of them have even said things really pick up with the show’s fourth episode, due for release on January 29th.

In one recent press stop, Kathryn Hahn — the actor behind the mysterious “nosy neighbor” Agnes — said everyone needs to see the show through until the end as it peels back layer after layer of suspense and surprise. “You’re going to have to keep watching,” Hahn told TVLine. “There’s a lot of acting going on for everybody, and a lot of layers… and questions that even the characters have, for sure.”

As fans saw in the third episode, “Now in Color,” Teyonah Parris “Geraldine” is getting an increasingly larger role. Since Marvel Studios itself has confirmed she’s playing Monica Rambeau, it’s but a matter of time before that tidbit is revealed on-screen. According to Parris, that’s something that could come across the wire as soon as the fourth episode.

“The first couple episodes of WandaVision are very specific to the time period and the sitcoms,” Parris told TVLine in a separate interview. “And what’s interesting in these first couple of episodes is that you do feel something’s amiss, something’s not quite right. Many characters are taking note of that; characters aren’t able to remember things, they aren’t able to quite put their finger on a thing.”

“Watching all of that unravel, and then come together later in the series, is going to be quite a ride,” she added. “And I hope that you all tune in and ride this thing with us because it will be well worth it. I know there are so many questions in the first couple of episodes, and just no answers, but we will get to it, I promise.”

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