Strange Academy Is the Perfect Marvel Property for Disney+

It was about a month ago when Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige unveiled the studio’s plans for the foreseeable future during a massive Disney investor presentation. Years of content were unveiled as a dozen or so Disney+ shows were confirmed or revealed, and that’s not even counting the theatrical slate from the Burbank-based outfit. Even then, one has to wonder what the House of Ideas in store beyond that. Everything revealed at the time carries fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe through 2023, and Feige himself has said he and his team plan out well past that timeframe.

Even with everything we know that’s coming to the surface, it’s hard not to look toward the future to any potential properties that have yet to be announced. On the front, one particularly exciting opportunity the production house could take is a live-action adaptation of Strange Academy, a property seemingly built from the ground-up for Disney+.

For the uninitiated Strange Academy, is a series that debuted last May that’s somewhere between Harry Potter and pure Marvel superhero goodness. While the series — created by the dynamic duo of Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos — does feature some big-name Marvel powerhouses like Doctor Strange, Doctor Voodoo, Magik, Daimon Hellstrom, and others, it largely focuses on an ensemble cast of entirely new characters.

These are characters that have deviated from others we’ve seen before. Though new in name, there’s a connective tissue between the majority of these characters and a lot of the groundwork has already been laid in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That connective tissue is thick enough to please most MCU fans hunting for Easter eggs, yet thin enough for the general masses to enjoy hopping straight into a Strange Academy series without having any prior knowledge of Marvel works.

Take Alvi and Iric, as an example. The two Asgardian teenagers hail from a realm that’s been talked about time and time again but don’t have any immediate relation to Thor or Loki. Then there’s Guslaug the teen Frost Giant, a race that we’ve seen a few times in the Thor film series; or Doyle Dormammu, the son of the Dread Dormammu — the big bad we were introduced to in Scott Derrickson’s Doctor Strange.

Though the series is very much in its infancy — Strange Academy #7 comes out this week — it’s been an instant hit with a tone that fits right in line with a target Disney demographic. Though it can be a bit heavy at times, it’s by and large a coming-of-age epic with a magical twist — and it’s a perfect property for Disney+ to adapt at one point or another.


Strange Academy #8 is set for release on February 3rd.

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