WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Power Rangers #3 by Ryan Parrott, Francesco Mortarino, Raul Angulo and Ed Dukeshire, on sale now.

Now on the run from their former Power Rangers teammates, Jason, Zack and Trini have taken to the stars as the Omega Rangers. The team has seen some horrible things recently, bad enough that they went home to Angel Grove and betrayed their own allies in the hopes that Lord Drakkon himself could steer them successfully towards defeating the Empyreal threat. Their ship has been overtaken by a horde of space vampires, and even if they survive this encounter, what lies ahead is no better.

In the wake of the attack on and subsequent commandeering of the Spectrum II, the Omega Rangers are left wondering if Drakkon really has led them into a deathtrap. Once regrouped, Xi tells the team that he can possibly get them out of their current situation but doesn’t let them know that it’s because Drakkon is feeding him information while speaking with the Horrid King after surrendering. With some finesse, the Rangers are able to lead all of the Horrid away from the ship, save the Horrid King who Drakkon soon dispatches. With their leader dead, the rest of the Horrid soon fall as well, and the Rangers are able to continue on their journey to wherever Drakkon is taking them.

After seeing where they’re headed, though, they might have rather stayed with the vampires.

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The Omega Rangers find themselves staring out over a familiar skyline left in unfathomable shambles. Their home, Angel Grove, or at least some version of it is staring right back at them. The skyscrapers are crumbling upward along with the decrepit and decapitated remains of both the Green Dragon and White Tiger Zords. The wreckage and rubble all shift in and out of focus, changing colors and leaving behind translucent trails of blue and red.

It would be easier to think that this was some other place, but the sign in front not only says Angel Grove quite clearly, but it also features the city as the birthplace of Drakkon as though that was something to be proud of. The unsettling scene might be foreign to the Omegas, but for Drakkon it might actually just be home.

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Shattered Grid saw Lord Drakkon rise to power with an iron fist after murdering other versions of himself throughout the multiverse. Eventually he found a way to enter the Morphin Grid itself and take possession of the vast powers within, including the Morphin Masters’ Heart. With his newfound abilities, Drakkon destroyed the multiverse and remade the world in his own image, one where he could be the hero.

Luckily, a version of Kimberly had the foresight to overcharge Drakkon’s past self with Green Chaos Energy, allowing for the last version of himself he had killed to stay alive inside Drakkon’s body and give the Emissaries and Rangers the opportunity they needed to take him down and repair the multiverse. The damage couldn’t be completely undone, leaving the fate of the reality Drakkon created up in the air. If this is in fact that world, the Omega Rangers are quite literally about to get a look inside the mind of their worst enemy.

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