DC’s Future State Just Blew Up A Batman’s Head

Full spoilers for Future State: Suicide Squad below! DC’s Future State event has a few different Batmen running around and one of them just met his end very quickly. Not only is Bruce Wayne still alive and kicking, though acting as the “Dark Detective,” DC has introduced “The Next Batman” with Tim Fox acting as the caped crusader; but Future State: Suicide Squad #1 features a Batman that is…neither of these people. The comic begins with the reveal of the “Justice Squad,” successors to Task Force X that appear to be acting as superheroes but are actually made up of villains in the roles of these fan-favorite characters.

In the part of Batman is none other than William Cobb, the former Talon assassin featured in The Court of Owls storyline from Scott Snyder. Cobb maintains his sinister edge and penchant for knives as the new version of The Dark Knight, later revealed to be on Earth-3 and not Prime Earth. In the issue, Cobb (as Batman) prepares to torture none other than Sinestro only for Justice Squad organizer Amanda Waller to trigger the explosive device inside his skull, which also incinerates the Green Lantern villain.

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(Photo: DC COMICS)

It’s worth noting that in this version of the DCU, Cobb has apparently still been resurrected by the Court of Owl’s protocols. Hypnotic Woman (Wonder Woman on this new team) makes a note of him returning to life after his entire head explodes, but Conner Kent (the Justice Squad’s Superman) adds “And each time he’s brought back he’s less and less stable.” That said it seems likely that this death for Cobb will be a little hard to repair, he’s also absent from the cover image of the next issue, which will be the last of this short series.

You can read the full solicitation for Future State: Suicide Squad #2 below!

Future State: Suicide Squad #2
Peacemaker attacks! Assigned to bring Amanda Waller back to Earth-1 at all costs, the Suicide Squad battles Waller’s private Justice League on Earth-3. As lives are lost and blood is spilled, the fate of the Multiverse will be decided by Superman! Also in this issue, the 853rd Century is burning, and only Black Adam can save reality from the onslaught of murderous rage from a new threat spawned from a former hero.
Writers: Robbie Thompson, Jeremy Adams
Artists: Fernando Pasarin, Javier Fernandez

(Photo: DC COMICS)