Black Adam: The Future DCEU Star Is Having a Child With a Future Wonder Woman

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “The Beginning of the End” from Future State: Suicide Squad #1 by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Oclair Albert, Jeromy Cox & Wes Abbott, on sale now

The heroic legacies of the DC Universe can last for centuries, as confirmed by the existence of the Legion of Super-Heroes and even the Justice Legion of the distant future. It turns out that in the distant future, two of those legacies have ended up bonding in an unexpected way.

As revealed in a back-up story to Future State: Suicide Squad #1, Black Adam is having a child with the Wonder Woman of the 853rd Century, setting up the union of two of DC’s most powerful mystical legacies.

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The Justice Legion of the 853rd Century are among the most powerful teams within the history of the DC Multiverse. But even they aren’t prepared for the sheer ruthlessness and power of the Unkindness, a group of powerful villains who’ve turned the Seven Deadly Sins against the galaxy. Entire worlds have been wiped out, the Atlanteans (and Aquaman) have been apparently destroyed, and even the Golden Superman, the Man of Steel’s final form, has been overwhelmed and left to float back into the sun to heal. With no other options, the remaining members of the Justice League (the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash of this era) end up flying directly to Kahndaq, which is now a heavily protected but peaceful planet.

This Wonder Woman, a living statue who debuted in Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks’s JLA #23 in 1998, reveals that she’s been romantically involved with Black Adam for centuries, and is able to get the group to Khadaq. In the years since the present day, Black Adam has found a new semblance of peace — with his world actually becoming a paradise and haven for troubled people needing a fresh start. He’s even renounced the ways of magic, instead utilizing technology until the arrival of the Unkindness forces him to call upon the power of Shazam for the first time in centuries. But even with his power restored, Black Adam and Wonder Woman are forced to retreat when Superman, Batman and Flash are corrupted by the Sins. Black Adam is hopeless about their prospects until he learns a surprising secret — that Wonder Woman is pregnant with their child.

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This is a major revelation for Black Adam, who didn’t think he could actually have a child with anyone, especially with the Wonder Woman of this era, given that she is a living statue. This inspires Black Adam to fight on against the corrupted Justice Legion — at least until the arrival of the Gold Beetle crushes those heroes and potentially gives the heroes the chance to escape and change their future. This is all a major development for Black Adam, especially the revelation that he does have the potential to turn over a new leaf and become a good person, something he’s attempted multiple times over the years to no effect.

Now confirmed to be DC’s newest power couple, with Black Adam and the Wonder Woman of DC One Million uniting their mystical legacies to produce a potentially universe-altering powerhouse. Hopefully, Gold Beetle can ensure that the distant future is saved from the chaos erupting around it and help ensure the birth of one of DC’s most gifted new children.

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