Top 5 Most Hated Marvel Comics Characters

–  Scott Hambach


Marvel Comics has created some of the most beloved and iconic characters in the world of comic books. However, not all characters have been met with the same level of adoration from fans. In this article, we will explore the top 5 most hated Marvel Comics characters. These characters have received significant backlash and criticism from readers over the years.

Jar Jar Binks |

1. Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars Crossover)

One of the most controversial characters in Marvel Comics history is Jar Jar Binks. Originally introduced in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Jar Jar Binks made his way into the Marvel Comics universe through a crossover event. Fans were outraged by the inclusion of this character, considering him to be annoying and unnecessary. The backlash against Jar Jar Binks was so strong that Marvel Comics quickly wrote him out of their storylines.

Squirrel Girl Reading Order, the adventures of Doreen Green in the Marvel Universe - Comic Book Treasury

2. Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl is a character that has divided Marvel Comics fans. While some readers appreciate her quirky and lighthearted personality, others find her powers and abilities to be silly and unrealistic. Squirrel Girl’s ability to communicate with squirrels and defeat powerful villains single-handedly has been a source of controversy among fans. Despite her popularity among certain demographics, she remains one of the most hated Marvel Comics characters.

The Great Lakes Avengers Return to Marvel - IGN

3. The Great Lakes Avengers

The Great Lakes Avengers, a team of lesser-known heroes, have often been the subject of ridicule and derision from Marvel Comics fans. This group of heroes, which includes characters like Mr. Immortal, Flatman, and Big Bertha, is often seen as a parody of traditional superhero teams. Their comedic and unconventional approach to crime-fighting has not resonated well with fans, leading to their status as some of the most hated characters in Marvel Comics.

Sentry: Man of Two Worlds (Trade Paperback) | Comic Issues | Comic Books | Marvel

4. The Sentry

The Sentry is a character that has faced significant backlash from Marvel Comics readers. Many fans view him as an overpowered and poorly written character. The Sentry’s powers, which include super strength, flight, and the ability to manipulate reality, have been criticized as being too convenient and lacking depth. Additionally, the complexity of his backstory and the inconsistent portrayal of his powers have further contributed to the disdain for this character.

The Rise and Fall of Gwenpool - YouTube

5. Gwenpool

Gwenpool, a combination of Gwen Stacy and Deadpool, has been met with mixed reactions from Marvel Comics fans. While some appreciate her metafictional and self-aware nature, others consider her to be a gimmicky character. Gwenpool’s ability to break the fourth wall and her nonchalant approach to violence have been points of contention among readers. Despite her popularity among certain fanbases, Gwenpool remains one of the most polarizing and divisive characters in Marvel Comics.


While Marvel Comics has created countless beloved characters, there are some that have not been embraced by fans in the same way. Characters like Jar Jar Binks, Squirrel Girl, The Great Lakes Avengers, The Sentry, and Gwenpool have faced significant criticism and have become some of the most hated Marvel Comics characters. Whether it’s due to poor writing, divisive powers, or simply a lack of appeal, these characters have not found the same level of acceptance as their counterparts.


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